Our Four Corporate Cultures

SuccessHR strives to provide better services to customers in accordance with the enterprise culture of enterprise, innovation, service and cooperation


1.01^365=37.78,0.99^365=0.0255,Make a little progress every day/ Keep learning and growing  /  Constantly improving requirements instead of being reconciled to the situation  /  Rigorous and normative, pursuing excellence/  No sooner said than done, with commitment focused on


We have more and are better than others /  Jump out of the inherent thinking, be brave to try, and continue to improve  /  Be brave in negation and not afraid of failure  /  Take the initiative to find problems, solve problems and innovate continuously

Stand in others’ shoes /  Materialism rather than idealism
 /  Be altruistic and achieve ourselves in the process of making others succeed

Mutual respect and mutual trust, team interests above all

Always pursuing to deliver results more than expected to customers  /  Customer-oriented, not self satisfied, with great attention paid on customer feelings  /  No best, but better  /  Gradual and constant improvement, with perseverance and determination


Culture Model

Corporate culture is the soul of the company, while values and enterprise spirit are the rules of employee behavior and the ultimate standard to measure an employee. SuccessHR Group is devoted to finding excellent behaviors that conform to the corporate culture, strengthening the belief of "success is helping others to fulfill their wishes", with the spirit of "enterprise", surpassing ourselves with constant "innovation" , and using sincere "service" to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win "cooperation".

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