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Branch Manager

Branch Manager


1. Formulate the annual business development and operation plan of the branch as per the strategic planning and
    deployment of the Group Headquarters, and achieve the business and profit objectives of the branch;
2. Be responsible for formulating and improving the organizational structure of Shenzhen Branch, strengthening team cooperation and improving work efficiency;
3. Expand local and surrounding customers in Shenzhen, maintain good customer relations, and promote the normal operation of the project;
4.  Manage sales, operation and delivery teams, continuously optimize the team, guide and control daily work;
5.  Empower internal teams and handle the relationship between headquarters and branches.
1.   Bachelor or above;
2.  Trained in business development, project management, financial management, negotiation skills, etc.;
3.  More than 8 years of relevant management experience in major human resources industries; Experience in new business development, project operation,
     customer management and team management;
4.  Be innovative, evaluate project feasibility, and be able to put forward your own reasonable suggestions according to specific projects to meet
     customer requirements;
5.  Strong sense of service, good organization, coordination and communication skills, and be able to deal with matters related to negotiation,
     communication and connection with customers; The ability of executive dialogue;
6.   Earnest, careful, enthusiastic, patient and friendly;
7.   Good professional dedication, professional ethics and strong executive force.
8.   Location: Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing

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