HR Festival on August 18, "SuccessHR’s People" shared the most influential awards in the industry wi


Tribute to HR Festival on August 18

With our original intention firm as a rock, we pay attention to practice, and integrate knowledge with practice.

Chase the light with you, and a beautiful future is expected.

2022 is the 18th anniversary of the establishment of SuccessHR. August 18,

2022 is the 18th HR Festival in China.

We would like to pay high tribute to the employees of the human resources industry first and

wish the national human resources workers a happy holiday!

Chase the light with you, and a beautiful future is expected.

SuccessHR are always here with you

SuccessHR serves with professional human resources, "emancipate" tens of thousands of enterprise HR, and improve the quality of enterprise human capital.

Meanwhile, on this special day, Lin Weixing, Chairman of SuccessHR, was listed on the list of "2022 Top 100 People in China Human Resources Service".

"2022 Top 100 People in China Human Resources Service"   

The list of "2022 Top 100 People in China Human Resources Service" was released by the First Resource, aiming to promote the common progress of the industry with the power of an excellent example. This is not only recognition of SuccessHR Chairman Lin Weixing's continuous innovation, iteration and optimization of the human resources service system to create more value for customers, but also encouragement and support for chairman Lin Weixing's adherence to research and practice of the industry-leading business model.

“Success is helping others to fulfill their wishes”

“Success is helping others to fulfill their wishes”, Chairman Lin Weixing said so at the beginning of the establishment of SuccessHR. "Our colleagues should create value for customers in all dimensions in the spirit of mutual achievement and success." Under the leadership of Lin Weixing, Chairman of the Board, the domestic leading human resources service institution has successfully distributed its business around the world and has served more than one million people accumulatively.

The Big Dipper is very bright in the boundless sky. Believe in the power of "SuccessHR", and pay tribute to all the travelers who live up to the expectations.

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