Passing Love and Building SuccessHR’s Dream, the Ping'an Town SuccessHR Hope Primary School successf

Move forward with love and put wings on children,

The first SuccessHR Hope Primary School is here!


September 13, 2021


On the morning of September 13, the foundation laying ceremony of Ping'an Town SuccessHR Hope Primary School donated by SuccessHR Group was held in Ping'an Town Primary School of Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing. Dr. Lin Weixing, Chairman of SuccessHR, led the donor delegation to participate in the foundation laying ceremony together with relevant leaders of Pengshui County Party Committee, Ping'an Town Government and all teachers and students of Ping'an Town Primary School.


Ping'an Town Primary School was founded in 1935. Now it needs to provide nine-year compulsory education for children in 10 surrounding administrative villages. After learning that the old school buildings in Ping'an Town were seriously aging and the basketball court was seriously damaged, SuccessHR immediately offered assistance and donated 500,000 yuan to the school to help Ping'an Town Primary School repair important facilities such as teaching buildings and stadiums.

As a continuation and deepening of the public welfare project of caring for left behind children that has been practiced for many years, SuccessHR Group has officially launched the Hope Primary School donation project since this year. Ping'an Town Primary School has also become the first Hope Primary School donated by SuccessHR Group. At the donation ceremony, the children from Ping'an Town Primary School tied red scarves for the SuccessHR’s delegation and the national anthem was solemnly played. Later, Dr. Lin Weixing as the representative of the donor, presented gifts to the school and delivered a speech to all teachers and students.


Dr. Lin Weixing said that SuccessHR has always followed the core value of "Success is helping others to fulfill their wishes", and actively assumed social responsibility. It is an enterprise that benefits from people, gives back to people, be people oriented, and proceed with love. The donation to Ping'an Town Primary School is intended to create better learning, sports and living conditions for children, contribute to the implementation of the national "double subtraction" work, and create a healthy and happy growth environment for children.

Dr. Lin Weixing expressed his high respect for all the teaching staff who has stuck to teaching and educating in Ping'an Town Primary School for many years, and help the children in the mountains to realize their dreams, and expressed his expectations and blessings to all the students. He expected the students to continue to carry forward the fine character of diligence and tenacity, live their dream, and dream their life, study hard and become the pillars of society. Dr. Lin Weixing and other representatives of the SuccessHR Group later visited the campus with the leaders of Pengshui County Party Committee, Ping'an Town Government and Ping'an Town Primary School, and planted osmanthus trees symbolizing friendship and hope. The donation and foundation laying ceremony has been successfully concluded here.

As a leading comprehensive human resources service organization in China, SuccessHR Group has deeply integrated social responsibility into its own development over the years, creating a complete set of "Success Social Responsibility System". Public welfare projects cover employment poverty alleviation, employment assistance for the disabled, care for left behind children and other fields. Nowadays, the Success Social Responsibility System has increased the donation of Hope Primary School projects, and the public service system has been further improved.

Taking Ping'an Town SuccessHR Hope Primary School as the starting point, SuccessHR promises to donate one Hope Primary School every year, hoping to help arouse the whole society's continuous concern and funding enthusiasm for rural primary schools in old, young, border and poor areas, help local governments increase their investment in basic education in poor areas, improve school management and teaching level, and bring a better tomorrow to children in backward areas.

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