New Start, New Journey ! SuccessHR Shanghai Strategic Headquarters moved to "New Residence"

“SuccessHR Shanghai Strategic Headquarters will stand at a new starting point

and move towards a broader future ".

——Dr. Lin Weixing

SuccessHR Shanghai Strategic Headquarters has moved to a new location!

New environment, bright and clean

At 9:48 a.m. on May 28, 2021, the relocation ceremony of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters of SuccessHR Group was held in Shanghai Gubei Fortune Center.

Dr. Lin Weixing, Chairman of SuccessHR Group, also brought several leaders of the Group to the relocation ceremony.

In the warm applause and cheerful music, Dr. Lin Weixing and Mr. Li Xiang, Executive Director of SuccessHR Group jointly set off the "red cover" of the new base of SuccessHR Shanghai Strategic Headquarters.

Later, Dr. Lin Weixing addressed for this relocation ceremony.

Dr. Lin Weixing said that today's relocation ceremony is an important milestone for Shanghai Strategic Headquarters to step onto a new stage of development. SuccessHR Shanghai Strategic headquarters has accumulated many high-quality customers from scratch since its establishment in 2017 and gained a strong foothold in Shanghai. These achievements are the results of the Shanghai Strategic Headquarters, and also a miniature of the group's continuous innovation of products, continuous optimization of services, and continuous approach to customers.

Dr. Lin Weixing encouraged all employees of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters that Shanghai is the most dynamic economic center in China and also the highland of talents in China. Since the first day of its establishment, Shanghai Strategic Headquarters has undertaken the mission of group strategic transformation, product innovation and talent quality improvement. It is hoped that all colleagues of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters will regard this move as the beginning of a new journey, continue to adhere to the SuccessHR spirit of "enterprise, innovation, cooperation and service", start anew, seize the momentum, achieve mutual achievements and create Success together!

Mr. Cai Xun, General Manager of the Group's Service Outsourcing Business Department, and Mr. Li Xiang, Executive Director of the Group also addressed the relocation ceremony.

Message from leaders

Dr. Lin Weixing:

Shanghai Strategic Headquarters should not only inherit the past achievements of the Group, but also lay a good strategic foundation for the future of the Group. "Start anew, seize the momentum, achieve mutual achievements and create success together!"

General Manager Cai Xun:

New environment, new start. We have been embracing change and trying to make breakthroughs. Let's work together to create greater social value and make the world better for us.

Executive Director Li Xiang:

What's past is prologue. Because of yearning for the sea, it flows into the Yangtze River; Because of the desire for success, we join the SuccessHR Group. Humanity triumphs over the highest summit. Work together to succeed!

After the speeches, Dr. Lin Weixing, together with Ms. Li Jie, the Group's Co-Founder, Mr. Wu Jicheng, the Group's partner, Mr. Cai Xun, General Manager of the group's service Outsourcing Business Department, and Mr. Li Xiang, the Group's Executive Director, came to the stage to cut the ribbon for the new base of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters.

All leaders then jointly pressed the mud seal and left their signatures to freeze the good memory of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters moving to the new base.

The employees of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters were very happy to move into their new homes.

Sun Jingwei, the marketing manager, as a senior employee of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters, expressed his gratitude to the Group on behalf of all the employees of Shanghai Strategic Headquarters, and said that Shanghai Strategic Headquarters would live up to the high expectations of the leaders of the Group, constantly transform and grow, and provide customers with more valuable services.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Lin Weixing and other leaders jointly cut the cake, and distributed the cake and small potted plants such as Ping’an Tree and Evergreen to all employees, sharing the sweetness of the new base and the expectations for the Shanghai Strategic Headquarters with all employees.



SuccessHR Shanghai Strategic Headquarters is one of the two strategic departments of SuccessHR Group in China. Since its establishment in 2017, Shanghai Strategic Headquarters has taken root in Shanghai under the guidance of the Group's strategy, from small to large, and has become an important "bridgehead" for the Group to develop into a new economic business. It has provided complete human resources solution services for many leading new energy vehicle manufacturers, Internet e-commerce, community e-commerce platforms and other enterprises.

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