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As spring warms the earth with the singing of birds, it is a good time to go hiking in the year. With the theme of "Remembering the Original and Sailing Again", the staff of Uker Business Department of SuccessHR held the first team building activity in 2021, which improved the understanding among employees and enhanced the cohesion of the team. The team also recorded this unforgettable day with its exquisite words.

Articles and illustrations provided by: HR Department · Uker team

It is March, balmy and warm.

Beautiful butterflies roam in the flowers and enjoy the warmth of spring. Do you think such a picture is wonderful?

On this beautiful spring day, the Uker team is full of passion. Because of the team and the common dream, we open our hands, throw ourselves into the spring wind full of hope, and follow the team.

Confucius said that when three are walking together, I am sure to find teachersamong them.

We appreciate and support each other, bring endless strength to each other on the way of struggle, and make progress for the team.

We joined the same team for our common dream.

The strength of the team is bound to enable us to do something great that belongs to us.

Trust because of the team, work together because of trust, and work together will be successful!

No matter Xu Sanduo broke through himself and changed in adversity;

Or Li Yunlong’s belief in the spirit of fearing no strong enemy and daring to draw his sword;

They make us feel the power of growth and the strength of the team, and we are a team that can grow rapidly and win battles——

Concentrated and meticulous, thank you for not perfunctory with work;

Bring all our energies, go forward hand in hand, and pay tribute to the team that gives us passion;

There is a long way to go in the future, but the time when you and I move forward together will be as bright as the sun!

The power of growth is tremendous. We are born in the sun;

The charm of thinking is infinite. We change ourselves and move forward;

Together with the team, there will be the power of passion, a happy life, and a spark of thought collision;

When more forces generated by the collision of ideas are released, you, I and the team will accelerate and take off!

Life is like a hike, only by heart can we go far.

Working hard will get twice the result with half the effort. If you look at the world by heart, you will have good luck.

Guys, remember in the future:

As long as positive inside, you are also able to make brilliant achievements even in adversity.

Guys, remember in the battle field:

Success is helping others to fulfill their wishes. We are all here because of the team.

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